Zillow Trulia purchase by 2.604 million euros

Last Thursday Zillow offered 2,000 million. It was not enough to Trulia. On Monday the deal was closed by 3500, 2.604 million euros. The merger between the two dominant platforms in real estate in USA rumored for weeks, but it will be effective in 2015, when a giant buy, sell, rent, homes and apartments is believed. Although both work on the computer, it is in the mobile where they are experiencing greater growth and vision for exploiting follow this format.

Both applications will continue to operate independently, with the same CEOs. Pete Flint of Trulia is under the direction of Spencer Rascoff Zillow. The intention is not to lose the community generated in each, and improve the ability to negotiate prices for advertisements and promotions together, the major source of income for these two applications. Rascoff This was confirmed in a call with analysts.

Zillow has paid a price 24% above the stock price at Friday’s close at $ 56.35 (41.92 euros). Rascoff, through a note on the website of the firm considers it a great opportunity, “Let’s combine our resources to innovate further and benefit consumers.” The acquisition has more to do with the future, with the development of software for home only to find that your current smartphone performance. The combined revenues of the two companies does not reach 4% of marketing investment in the housing market, estimated at 12,000 million. It is estimated that the cost savings will be around 100 million dollars (74 euros) a year.

While Zillow has 83 million active users, Trulia reaches 54 At first glance the purchase could prevent competition and is pending approval by the authorities. Direct from both firms insist that it will not, that the use is different. Half of users do not wear Trulia Zillow. While two-thirds of those entering the second have no interest in Trulia.

That is the point they are most interested buyers. Making Zillow focus on getting more and better information of the houses, both for the current owners with estimated price of your home, and for potential buyers. While Trulia focus on the search for rental and purchase on a shorter term.

Last year already bought Zillow Easy Street, specializing in New York, for $ 50 million. Lovely, minimalist design, freezes a different option increasingly attractive sector. Zillow’s founders, Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink, maintain control of the company.

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Regulation Act contracting further housing market

The Real Estate Regulation Act Lease for commercial use, far from helping, contract further the housing market, and that once they try to implement the provisions will be problems with the contracting parties or provisions that would be violated by above this, he said the legal consultant to the Real Estate Chamber of Carabobo, Mayela Fonseca.

The lawyer said the law could lead to many shops close, while the national government does not issue the regulation that allows for the calculation of the value or replacement cost of a property to determine the rent to pay. “If I apply the calculation formula as it is posed as a local monthly paying 10,000 bolivars, may well go to 50 thousand bolivars per month.”

If the regulation is conceived as the dwelling shall be the absolute closure of renting commercial premises for the calculation parameters are going to be so low that no one will be interested in renting a property. He will be sold or will be driving under the black market as in housing matters, ignoring the provisions of the law, the consultant explained.

The law contains many loopholes and is fraught with legislative informalities also makes an unacceptable intrusion into the regime condo (which is called condo) because they have a specific governing all relations between the owner and community owners, explained Fonseca.

During the workshop on the Law Regulating Real Estate Leasing for commercial use, the president of the Chamber of Real Estate, Arturo Facchin said that once the law being, it is important that the National Defense of Socio Economic Rights make an effort to issue regulations that complements so they can activate the values ​​of the property and determine the fees fixed lease. “Until you make many of these shops will not estimate nor the value of the property or the rental fee.”

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Fake Realtors defraud immigrants in NYC

Three people were charged with defrauding thousands of dollars to Hispanic immigrants in Washington Heights agents posing as real estate, Manhattan prosecutors said.

Juan Valoy (35), Elizabeth Adrian Perez (30) and Ricardo Gonzalez (36) are suspected of carrying out an elaborate system of fraud apartments in the neighborhood, according to court documents.
Posing as realtors, defendants showed the victims apartment, according to them, were available for rent, and then charged up to $ 5,500 for alleged charges and the security deposit.

After taking the money, the defendants repeatedly delayed dates that people could be moved or ignored the calls of victims.
In some cases, the victims were in the apartments were already occupied as they prepared to move.

Defendants were settled charges of conspiracy to defraud in the first degree and grand larceny in the third and fourth grade in the Supreme Court of New York.
“Many scammers target their systems of fraud against immigrant communities,” said prosecutor Cyrus Vance. “I urge anyone who feels like a victim of a hotline call Immigrant Program my office (212-335-3600) scam Affairs. No matter their immigration status, “he added.

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Can you imagine living on a tree? This house makes this dream possible

This model home is an option for many people who wish to live outside the city, away from the noise and pollution. In fact, it is not a conventional field house, but a house on a tree.

These rooms are built under the “Tree house” that has become a philosophy of life for those looking take his obsession with the industry and give preference to the natural.

There are several companies in the field of building tree houses. One is the allemande Baumraum company who designed the cabin of this gallery.

The images were posted on the page Culture Click, which reports that each of these homes is designed specifically for the tree that will be placed, for reasons of aesthetics, and to achieve a better fit and protect it from any damage that may occur.

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The Business of Real Estate Mom

I had always appreciated the principle of mom say only the truth until that September day when the notice communicating the bank’s mortgage on our stucco house with four rooms expired thirty days arrived.

My father had died that year, and reached entries mom just to keep us both. I was fourteen and got my little odd jobs was not enough to affect our budget. We could not raise the money to raise home mortgage.

This problem did call Mom to Bert McVey, an old friend of my father. She thought Bert, a prosperous merchant of the city, would be a valuable financial advisor. He warned that the most practical solution for our economic problems would sell our big house with about 2000 square meters and buy a smaller one.

-The house appears to be in excellent condition for sale-was observed. His piercing blue eyes seemed to pierce the wallpaper to determine the condition of the stucco.

-So Mama nodded, except the boiler. It has a large crack. Just worked last winter, and the house was filled with smoke several times. The heating system can not withstand another winter.

Well, said Mr. McVey laughing, using a sympathetic tone and employing adults with children-we need not tell that to prospective buyers, do not you? In the business world often say: “The buyer must take care of himself.”

– How? Mom cried raising her brown eyes does that mean you have a code of ethics for our family and the people with whom we interact socially, and one for the business world?

Look, Louise McVey replied impatiently Bert-you will have to be less prude if you want to get the most out of your property. Remember that business is business. I know you’re a stickler for the truth and I’m not suggesting you tell a lie. I only ask you not to mention the boiler.

-An omission can be a lie, Bert, ‘Mom said. Just last week I bought a dress fabric. The fabric I chose was offered along with others that were the best parts of the house. Since the seller did not say anything about the quality of the material I gathered, of course, that this was what seemed to be. When the cutting was noticed imperfections in the frame. I considered that the seller had not been honest through and through because it said nothing about the failures.

‘Very well,’ said Bert Luisa snorting in exasperation and annoyance. Give the house for less than what you would ask if the boiler was in perfect condition. And leave the repair to the buyer.

Mom put a notice in the newspaper. There were several calls. One of the potential buyers was really interested. I had just arrived in town and was eager to buy a home and bring your family.

We show the house from the roof to the basement. Anyone could tell she was impressed.

Then in the basement mom said:

-This is a good buy. I ask less for it because the first thing you should do is buy a new boiler.

The man froze. His interest in the house vanished in a flash before our eyes.

-So the heating system is totally ruined, eh? I’ll let you know my decision.

He ran as if someone were puncturing with a sharp instrument.

I wondered if Mom had acted wisely. A small business would lie confirmed sale desperately needed.

– Did you have to warn about the caldera, Ma? I asked.

‘So I think,’ said Mother, ‘I know of no biblical statement that says we must tell the truth whenever we can and do lie when convenient.

Mom put another ad in the newspaper.

All kinds of people marched for our house. The general comment was: “It’s too big” for what Mom did not have to say anything to the boiler.

Time passed. I increasingly doubted more and more under say nothing but the truth. That’s when Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie, members of our church, came to see the house.

They had six children and therefore needed a house the size of ours.

Just as I feared, Mom noted rupture of the boiler. To my surprise the Guthrie did not seem discouraged, especially when Mom explained that they had discounted price repair the house.

-I tell you what we do, Luisa said Mr Guthrie taking his hands to emphasize his proposal-:
Seek some technical boilers in town and see if any of them can settle a new boiler before October first, because then our lease expires. If I can get the boiler installed prior to that date, we will close the business.

Mom waited and prayed. One night confided his fear:

-If Guthrie did not buy our house without it we are left without the money to buy another.

Mr. Guthrie called the next day.

He said that all technical boilers city were covered orders because many people were adjusting to their heating oil. They could not promise that he would install a new boiler before December. The business would not.

Desperate mom called Bert McVey again:

– Bert, I can not sell the house! he said as he tried to hide the tears that came to her throat.

Yes can, Luisa complacently assured her. This issue only needs to be handling it properly.

I will place your home in the hands of Nordell and Bradenber, top real estate agents in the city; let them handle the business.

‘Very well,’ said Mum.

-I felt relieved that our little capital saved, and hurt that Mom seemed to have given up a part of herself. I thought, “Mom can not live the Christian principles at all times.”

It was then, in that second, when all my years of attending Sabbath school and all the teachings of my mother he came down, and was without faith, naked in a world of big words that meant nothing. For the first time I realized how important, how these Christians were essential to my life principles.

If Christianity was not the answer, how could you believe? I thought but did not dare to speak. I never felt so desolate as when I thought my mother had abandoned the principles by which she had always governed. If my mother consented to lie, what served faith or prayer or anything else?

Runners carried the business very well, Mr. Nordell showed many, many people our house.

Finally, a man showed interest.

Mr. Nordell praised the house in such superlative terms that I had to look again to convince myself that this “American-style elegant mansion” was the house I knew.

The prospective buyer sat next to Mr. Nordell, while mom served lemonade and cookies in the table.

They discussed the various shrubs and plants that had been placed to beautify the grounds of the copper pipe and Dad had new roof put on last year.

Mr. Nordell emphasized how perfect everything was and made a price that exceeded the originally placed by mom at $ 2,700.

Finally, Mom interrupted:

-Of course, you should know that the heating system needs to be repaired.

I gripped the chair tightly.

Probably the sale was ruined again; but, strangely, I felt a wave of happiness invaded. Mom and Christianity had not failed me, after all.

The real estate agent made ​​her sign all mom, so shut up. She did not pay the slightest attention.

The buyer, on the other hand, put all your attention on it.

– Are you sure that the rest of what I’ve been told is true? he asked anxiously. Everything else is really like what I described?

‘Yes mom said shaking his head affirmatively. Everything is as it would have been presented, except the boiler.

– Deal! excited-stated buyer.I’ll take the house!

The conversation stopped. The room fell silent ostensibly.

Then the voice of Mr. Noerdell, trembling and weak, broke the silence:

– Does the purchase?

Yes, I will buy the house buyer repeated, smiling as he watched the surprise in the face of the real estate broker. I am skilled in boilers. Mr. Guthrie called me to ask if I could put a boiler in this house, so you understand that knew all about the heating system. That did not worry me. What would concern me is that they had not told me the truth about the boiler, because then you could also have lied about the rest. Now I feel confident to go ahead with the business.

The real estate business was successful mom. A success from the point of finance, of course. But more than that, it was a successful integrity!

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Do you dare with gray pearl home?

If there is something very important in matters of decoration is the main pantone choose to be the only star of everything that surrounds our home. Ie, the time in which we must choose which color will absolutely fill the whole space, or at least which one best suits We, is most relevant. Far from focusing solely on what has to do with the classic, such as white or nude, or trendy, like pastel colors, modern or raising the maximum power, you would have to do with all that relates with fluorine.

Here we focus on one color at a first glance might seem too sad or even off, but trend is absolute, and your space will be the most sophisticated. What do we mean? Undoubtedly, the pearl gray.

As we can use in our clothes and in our closet in a matter of apparel and clothing throughout the whole year, who also keeps a part of what our home looks like? For starters, we know that is a wild color, ie, combining virtually all we want. We can give a Nordic touch base with white ornaments, to let the black of the counterpoint that you need, or combine it with other options, which could be a soft lemon or pale pink.

For starters, the fact that the walls are this color could throw us back, but eventually we realize that modern and sophisticated style is here to stay. Bet on your home accessories.And go for the pearl gray!

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Brickell, the epicenter of the “boom” of building in Miami

The tour bus rolled over in a corner near Brickell Avenue on Saturday morning, while the guide pointed to a point that everyone got up to see: one of dozens of condominium towers under construction.

“I Think preconstruction condominiums as futures contracts,” the group said Peter Zalewski, founder of Condo Vultures and website CraneSpotters.com and preconstruction condos. “In New York traded shares. In Chicago traded on futures. In Miami trades in condos. ”

The condo market Brickell Avenue in Miami has become such an international sensation, expert condos Zalewski released the weekend during Art Basel tour buses for investors, realtors and anyone intrigued enough to spend $ 75 for a quick look. The tours were so popular that they were often duplicated in the mornings and afternoons, and recently added a boat trip along Biscayne Bay.

Far from castigating the last fiasco of overbuilding, developers of Miami seeking a new lap. Encouraged by foreign investors with large amounts of cash, 47 condominium projects are under construction east of I-95 in Miami-Dade, eight in the Brickell area, and many more in previous stages.

The new buildings, many designed by leading international architects, with the latest equipment, large terraces with outdoor kitchens and private pools.

This generation of condominiums have even higher prices during the last boom, sometimes in the range of eight digits. Overall, prices of existing condominiums have risen from their lows widely up to a new higher level of properties for sale.

In the zip code 33131 Brickell Avenue, the median condo price increased in 2013 by 22 percent to $ 415,000, compared to a year earlier, according to an analysis of the Miami Herald and the Center for Investigative Reporting in Florida. The median price of condos is less than 14 percent of its 2007 peak of $ 480,000. It has grown 60 percent from its low of $ 260,000 in 2009.

Despite the notorious crash of condos in Miami, when speculators defaulted contracts preconstruction units amid plummeting prices, Brickell condos were quite solid investments. The median price in the main zip code Brickell gained 44 percent since 2003 and is 14 percent below the peak.

Although their prices are extremely changeable, Brickell condos got more profit than a detached house in the 33146 zip code of the city of Coral Gables stable. In 33146, the housing prices were among the most stable in the South Florida during the crash (down by 36 percent from highest to lowest point) and the median price rose 33 percent since 2003, but still 22 percent below its peak.


As Brickell’s gone running out of space, the wave of condo construction has spread Biscayne Boulevard through Edgewater, which is well advanced in its transformation from impoverished neighborhood to an urban center fashionably luxury highrise that leverage the water views and central location.

In recent months, the resale market Miami condo is showing signs of coming to a stop. After a long short supply, a surge of resale units have flooded the market in recent months, giving buyers more choices and greater freedoms.


Despite the market recovery, traditional mortgage lenders remain wary of condominiums, both in Miami and the rest of Florida. FannieMae has stricter loan guidelines created especially for condominiums in Florida, which require, among other things, accumulated to a higher value than other residential mortgages.

In Florida it easy to get a loan for a second home that a condo that is the primary residence. A conventional mortgage for a condo investment in Miami? Never mind that.

“This is discrimination in federal housing market,” said Grant Stern, president of Morningside Mortgage. “People who establishes regulations for condominiums not understand the Florida market.”

Or maybe yes.

Much of the new condo building is far beyond the reach of most Miamians, even if they could get a mortgage, underlining the growing gap between rich and poor.

The current boom of luxury condominiums has revived the debate on the issue of housing affordability. “This can not be a city of millionaires,” said Mark Sarnoff, Commissioner of the City of Miami and president of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), in a confrencia held in March in the old post office building at 100 NE 1 Outside Ave, homeless began to settle in for the night in their blankets and flattened cardboard boxes.


Almost all demand preconstruction condo comes with plenty of foreign cash, willing to give advance 50 percent or more of the price during construction. Many come from Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Russia in search of a safe place to invest your money.

Supporters of deposit funding model buyer claims that it will prevent the kind of speculation that led to the crisis last time, when buyers with small deposits had plans to resell the units as they were ready. Only time will tell.

Almost all units delivered to buyers in the MyBrickell building Related located at 31 SE 6 Street, in the zip code 33131 they were put up for sale shortly after the building was finished in January, according to an analysis by Zalewski.

No need to worry, said Carlos Rosso, president of Related condominium development.

“I do not think that’s worrying at all. We know that buyers are people from Latin America. Some are renting their units, and others are trying to sell, “Rosso said. “The units are renting extremely quickly, and everyone has completed the purchase and came over here. What if we’d like to see more end users? Of course “.

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