Residential Real Estate Miami – Miami Houses

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast of Southeast Florida . It is the seat of Miami-Dade County , the most populous of Florida with a population of about 2.5 million inhabitants. Miami Real Estate – Miami night

Greater Miami has more than 5.5 million inhabitants.

In 2008 , Miami was declared by Forbes Magazine ” the cleanest city in America ,” from the standpoint of air quality , green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets , and recycling programs.
Miami is one of the largest financial centers , commercial, and cultural rights of the United States. Miami and South Florida have the largest concentration of international banks in the USA, as well as large national and multinational companies .

The Port of Miami is known as the ” Cruise Capital of the World ” , with the greatest number of passengers . Real Estate Agent Miami – Miami Properties

This area has been inhabited for over a thousand years by the tribe of Tequestas then conquered by Spain in 1566. A mission was established there in 1567. In 1836 , Fort Dallas was built there and the area of ​​Miami became the main theater of the Second Seminole War .

Miami was designed by a woman , Julia Tuttle . Born in Cleveland, she originally had an orange plantation in this agricultural land . She later convinced Henry Flagler , a railroad tycoon , to expand its lines to the East Coast region. Miami was founded in 1896, with a population of just 300 personnes.Proprietes has Brickell – Miami Real Estate

Miami prospered during the decade of 1920, but its economy was shaken by the crisis of the land boom in Florida , as well as by a hurricane in 1926 and the Great Depression of the 30s.
Miami had an advantageous position during the 2nd World War , and had an important role in the fight against the German submarines .

1940, the population reached 172,000 . From 1959 , a large amount of Cubans fleeing the Castro regime took refuge in Miami , and completely changed the local demography . Estate Agent Miami – Condos in Miami

During the second half of the 20th century the amazing growth of Miami as an international center of trade and finance was constant.

Since 2001 , Miami experienced tremendous growth with the construction of over 50 skyscrapers. The horizon ( skyline ) Miami has been called the most impressive 3rd United States , after New York and Chicago, according to the Almanac of Architecture and Design . The higher the Four Seasons Hotel & Tower, 240 meters.

Tourism is an important industry in Miami.
Beaches, conventions , festivals, attracting over 12 million visitors per year.
The historic Art Deco District in South Beach, is part of Miami- Dade, Miami Beach that is a separate municipality from Miami.

From the commercial point of view Miami is the gateway to the United States to Central America and South America .

In 2005 , an extraordinary housing boom reached Miami. We were talking about the ” Manhattanization ” Downtown and Midtown, and a surprising amount of very large buildings grew all along the coast .

From 2007 , the crash of the real estate, and a surplus of tens of thousands of apartments for sale changed the real estate scene in Miami , but they already started talking about new construction.

Located just above the Tropic of Cancer, Miami has a sub -tropical climate influenced by the presence of the Gulf Stream. Summers are hot and humid and mild and dry winters.
Temperatures in January are an average of 19.6 ° C , reaching rarely less than 10 ° to 2 ° C.

The wet season starts in May and lasts until mid -October. The temperature during this period is between 32 ° and 22 ° C . In general the rains arrive in the afternoon and the breeze mitigates heat.

We’re talking a total of 1,420 mm. annual precipitation.
The hurricane season is officially from June to November .

Residential Real Estate Miami – Miami Houses

Downtown Miami is divided into :
Downtown – The central business district (Central Business District) is to the east of Interstate 95 and south of 17th Ter .
Midtown – North of 17th Ter .
Brickell – South of Downtown .
To the north, along the coast , is the “Arts District ” , where rooms theaters and concert.

All these sectors have concentration of condominiums in Miami .

And further north again, the Design District, to 40th St , with a concentration of shops and furniture stores style , and art galleries .
From 50th St , a new area has developed recently with many restaurants , bars, and entertainment venues . Estate Agency – Miami Metromover

The Metromover is composed of three raised lines in the center – Downtown Loop, the Omni Loop , and the Brickell Loop .

The subway ( Metrorail ) has three stations in Downtown . It is connected to the Miami International Airport , bus lines , and roads of Amtrak . and Tri- Rail.


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