Venezuelan Crisis increases buying condos in Miami

The political crisis and violence that exists in Venezuela has had a rather unexpected effect . Thus from the situation prevailing in the South American country has increased condo sales in Miami and real estate due to the instability , leading to several citizens to acquire real estate in the U.S.

The Miami Midtown Residences real estate company , which has approximately 1,000 condominiums just north of the city center (downtown Miami) , has seen an explosive increase of 250 % in sales traffic Venezuelans from 1 February compared to January .

For example the company cites the situation experienced last week , when a Venezuelan citizen bought two units in Midtown cash in a matter of only a few hours during your first visit . Additionally , pushed for the contract process is hurry , which speaks to the plight of many who seek capital flight .

Midtown Miami Real estate says that this haste in signing contracts to buy U.S. homes by Venezuelan protests continue as it escalating.

According to Miami Midtown Residences, Venezuela is the most important when buying real estate in Miami South American country.


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