Silicon Valley, U.S. real estate gold: is already the leading luxury market country

Not only technology gurus. Also bankers, hedge fund managers and other professionals dozen feeding the technology sector. They are flocking to live in Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco Bay, in the State of California, an area that is home to many of the largest technology corporations in the world. To the extent that it becomes the first luxury property market across the United States.

A recent survey by Coldwell Banker Previews International reveals that Woodside, in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the most important luxury market around the country. In fact three of the areas that make up the top five, the top five price and sales volume-are in the area.

Hillsborough and Portola Valley, California, are respectively the third and fourth, while Bal Harbour, Florida, contained in second place. Coldwell Banker is taken into account for classification and annual sales volume of luxury homes and the average selling price and profit, says CNBC, which echoes the survey.

“The market is incredibly strong,” says Scott Dancer, an agent of Coldwell Banker. “The question now develop an inventory of quality.”

There is such a shortage of housing, said Dancer, that once a house goes up for sale, a bidding war is awesome. An ad for sale of a home valued at $ 5.8 million had published three days after five bids of buyers and was sold shortly later by 7.26 million dollars, he says. The agent notes that the buyer was a 30 year old man, financial executive.

Probably, says CNBC when the tech boom begins to fade, so will the luxury real estate market in Silicon Valley. But now, even the most modest homes in the area have become gold property.


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