Regulation Act contracting further housing market

The Real Estate Regulation Act Lease for commercial use, far from helping, contract further the housing market, and that once they try to implement the provisions will be problems with the contracting parties or provisions that would be violated by above this, he said the legal consultant to the Real Estate Chamber of Carabobo, Mayela Fonseca.

The lawyer said the law could lead to many shops close, while the national government does not issue the regulation that allows for the calculation of the value or replacement cost of a property to determine the rent to pay. “If I apply the calculation formula as it is posed as a local monthly paying 10,000 bolivars, may well go to 50 thousand bolivars per month.”

If the regulation is conceived as the dwelling shall be the absolute closure of renting commercial premises for the calculation parameters are going to be so low that no one will be interested in renting a property. He will be sold or will be driving under the black market as in housing matters, ignoring the provisions of the law, the consultant explained.

The law contains many loopholes and is fraught with legislative informalities also makes an unacceptable intrusion into the regime condo (which is called condo) because they have a specific governing all relations between the owner and community owners, explained Fonseca.

During the workshop on the Law Regulating Real Estate Leasing for commercial use, the president of the Chamber of Real Estate, Arturo Facchin said that once the law being, it is important that the National Defense of Socio Economic Rights make an effort to issue regulations that complements so they can activate the values ​​of the property and determine the fees fixed lease. “Until you make many of these shops will not estimate nor the value of the property or the rental fee.”


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